Debugging Speed Kit

Chrome Browser: Speed Kit Browser Extension

We highly recommend to use our Browser Extension to manage and analyze Speed Kit directly from your browser.

Turn Speed Kit On/Off

Toggling activates/deactivates Speed Kit only locally in your browser. Using the toggle is the best approach for debugging and testing.

Update Your Content

Updating puts the origin version of this site into all caches.

Overall Status

Indicates whether Speed Kit is currently activated for the website.

Content Served

Shows whether the site has been served by Speed Kit or the origin server.

All Browsers: Via URL

You can always disable Speed Kit permanently in your local browser by adding the query parameter disableSpeedKit=1 to any URL where Speed Kit is active on.

You can re-enable Speed Kit again by using the enableSpeedKit=1 query parameter.

It may take another reload of the page to actually make the change active.

All Browsers: Via Speed Kit Bookmarklet

Another option to debug Speed Kit is our Bookmarklet. Compared to the Browser Extension the Bookmarklet works in all browsers.

Install Bookmarklet

Open your Chrome browser and go to Copy the code into your clipboard and add a bookmark by clicking on the star icon in the URL bar. In the opened popup click on “More...”, name the bookmark, and paste the code into the URL field. Save the bookmark to complete the installation.

Use Bookmarklet

Open your Chrome browser and go to the site where Speed Kit is installed on. Click on your Speed Kit bookmarklet and wait until the popup appears. The popup will show some information about the current navigation and also lets you change the Speed Kit group. To switch to the Speed Kit group, type “A” into the textfield, hit “OK” and reload to install the service worker. To leave the Speed Kit group, type “B” into the text field, hit “OK” and reload to uninstall the service worker. The bookmarklet works accordingly in other browsers.

Chrome & Edge Browser: Quick Check

If Speed Kit is already activated (group “A”) for the selected domain in your browser, the fastest way to turn it on/off is via Chrome DevTools.

Simply open your Chrome browser and press F12 to access DevTools. Then you go to the “Application” tab and click on “Service Workers”. The “Service Workers” settings enable you to turn Speed Kit off instantly by activating the checkbox “Bypass for network”. In contrast, you can turn Speed Kit back on by deactivating the checkbox.

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