Web Dashboard


The Web Dashboard is the main tool to manage and configure your Speed Kit app. It enables you to add new domains to your app, perform manual or recurring content updates, and access performance analytics as well as other functionalities. After you have created your first app, you will find a quick overview of all the configurable and usable functionalities in the left navigation bar.


View the current status of your Speed Kit app and your current pricing information. The pricing information consists of the included page impressions, the current page impressions for this month, your monthly base price, the current overage costs as well as an estimation of the page impressions and price at the end of the month.

You can also access statistical data of the page impression registered by Speed Kit. See the amount of page impressions for any given day and additionally the minimum, maximum, total sum and the daily average for the displayed timeframe.


When you change content on your website, please add a Content Update to provide us with the latest version of your content. Please note: If you do not provide us with the latest version, we’ll continue to serve the old content to your users. In order to update your content you have multiple options.

The first option is to simply refresh one or multiple pages through adding the URLs into the textfield in the "Update Pages" section and hit the "Update Pages" button. This will refresh the cached HTMLs for the specified pages. We recommend this option if you only change the content and only want to refresh these pages this one time.

If you have content you want to refresh on a more regular basis, we recommend to create a predefined update. These predefined updates can be configured to refresh one or more pages and/or resources and can be either manually triggered through a press of a button or automatically in specified interval.


If you want to adjust your Speed Kit configuration for a certain domain, please add a new Domain Configuration and specify your needs.


Deactivate Speed Kit

If you deactivate Speed Kit, your website will continue to work, but it won't be accelerated by Speed Kit anymore.

Invite Users

Invite team members via email to the shared app. Optionally you can set an expiration date for the invitation, after which the invited user will lose access to the app or restrict the permissions of the invited users.

API Token

Generate a new refresh API token.

Report Issue

In case you encounter any issues with your Speed Kit Installation send us an issue report.

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