Speed Kit
Web Dashboard


The Web Dashboard is the main tool to manage and configure your Speed Kit app. It enables you to add new domains to your app, perform manual or recurring content updates, and access performance analytics as well as other functionalities. After you have created your first app, you will find a quick overview of all the configurable and usable functionalities in the left navigation bar.

Domain Configuration

If you want to adjust your Speed Kit configuration for a certain domain, please add a new Domain Configuration and specify your needs.

Content Updates

When you change content on your website, please add a Content Update to provide us with the latest version of your content. Please note: If you do not provide us with the latest version, we’ll continue to serve the old content to your users. Default Content Updates have to be triggered manually each time. Recurring Updates will automatically trigger on a predefined recurring schedule.


View the current status of your Speed Kit app and the amount of served requests in the last 30 minutes. The Monthly Stats give you an up-to-date overview of your plan price, pay-as-you-go sum, outgoing data, and amount of requests. Use the Stats History chart to display the growth of page impressions, outgoing data, and number of requests in a defined period of time. The Latest Operations list shows you all operations by method, date, and HTTP status code.


Allowed Third Party Domains

You should protect your app against misuse by third-party domains by telling us explicitly which domains belong to you. By default, any domain is allowed to use the JS SDK, access file resources and use Speed Kit. To prevent malicious entities from exploiting, you can configure a whitelist of domains that are explicitly allowed to use your Speed Kit app – all others will be prohibited.

Backend Connection Settings

Allow Speed Kit to access pages which do not have a valid certificate and define how many concurrent requests the Speed Kit server may issue against your backend.

HTTP Auth Credentials

Allow Speed Kit to access pages which are protected via HTTP auth.

Refresh API Token

Generate a new refresh API token.

Renew Speed Kit Cache Revision

Clear the bloom filter of your Speed Kit app in order flush your browser cache.

Disable Speed Kit

If you disable Speed Kit, your website will continue to work, but it won't be accelerated by Speed Kit anymore.

Delete This App

Completely delete your Speed Kit app and all its stored content.

Page Speed Analyzer

The Page Speed Analyzer does a side-by-side comparison of your website with and without Speed Kit. However, it does more than what you can do with your browser.
  • Performance report: It gives you various metrics and even waterfall diagrams for your page load.
  • Optimization hints: It provides suggestions on how to improve web performance for your website.
  • User-centric: It measures the Speed Index and the First Meaningful Paint.
  • Possible speedup: It tells you how much faster your website will be, if you activate Speed Kit.
  • Video comparison: It captures the page load, so that you can literally see the effect that Speed Kit has.


Invite team members via email to grant full access to the shared app.
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